Monthly Archives: May 2017

Dutch Baby Pancake with Cinnamon and Vanilla

I come from a family of breakfast fiends. We take our eggs very seriously, we consider buttered toast its own food group, and we are each so entrenched in our opinions on what the best fruit preserve is that it might as well be a political cause. Breakfasts when I was little ranged from chili fried eggs […]

A Plethora of Pies, a Single Pastry

Barring a fondness for the musical Sweeney Todd, the world of savory pies was pretty unfamiliar to me until I moved to London, where I encountered some form of pork pie in the display window of nearly every single bakery that I passed. These pan-less pies were fascinating in their apparent sturdiness, and I didn’t quite […]

Midnight Breakfast Buns

The first time I made these buns, I’d woken up at nine PM from the kind of nap that you can only take after staying up for forty hours straight writing fifteen-thousand words of literary analysis. I can’t explain why I felt the need to make an enriched yeasted dough after a stressful marathon writing […]