Hi. I’m Zainab and I cook a lot.

This blog and the supper club after which it is named came about from the four years I spent at university in London. While there, I pursued a degree in Literature, but spent as much time dreaming up new recipes and feeding my friends as I did reading critical theory and writing essays.

A throwaway invitation to one person for an ‘authentic’ American Thanksgiving one year somehow grew into regular dinner parties with five very dear friends: a tiny, dedicated, and most importantly utterly accidental supper club.

The recipes here all circle back one way or another to my time in London: the cakes inspired by high tea at Kensington Palace’s Orangery, the bread doughs that I pummeled while trying to survive thesis-writing, the pies I obsessively made when I discovered just how delicious British dairy products were. They could probably tell you more about my time there and the people I spent it with than any diary entry ever could. (This is good, as I’ve always been terrible at diary-keeping but excellent at remembering meals that I’ve eaten.)

I hope you enjoy the foods from my London years as much as I loved making them.

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