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Cinnamon Streusel Coffee Cake Muffins

It’s entirely possible that baking a giant quiche with a homemade crust isn’t something that fits into your plans for the week. It’s also entirely possible that you just don’t like quiche very much, and, if presented, with the opportunity to plan your own ideal Galentines Day brunch, the table would be laden not with […]

Salmon and Leek Sheet Pan Quiche

Welcome back, everyone! With the end-of-year holidays behind us and January in the rearview as well, it seemed the perfect time for me to come back with recipes, since my favorite holiday is right around the corner. It’s Galentines Day! Or it will be, soon enough, and since I feel like it should be a […]

Small-Batch Cinnamon Roll Doughnuts

To hear my parents tell it, I’ve been obsessed with doughnuts since I was a little kid. Personally, I never realized quite how much I liked them until I moved to London and found that the last Dunkin Donuts in Britain had closed down a year before. Suddenly, with the knowledge that I now lacked […]

The Carbohydrate Formerly Known as Horanbread

There are foods that you like. There are foods that you love and share with the people you love. And then there are foods for which you develop such a specific and passionate ardor that you tell the friend who made them that she’s not allowed to make any for anyone else ever again, lest […]

Dutch Baby Pancake with Cinnamon and Vanilla

I come from a family of breakfast fiends. We take our eggs very seriously, we consider buttered toast its own food group, and we are each so entrenched in our opinions on what the best fruit preserve is that it might as well be a political cause. Breakfasts when I was little ranged from chili fried eggs […]