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Ricotta-Swirled Chocolate Loaf Cake

We’ve come to the end of our 12-recipe exploration of British (or British-tinged) baking, and admittedly I had a different cake planned for the end of this adventure. I thought a Victoria Sponge would be best the way to go out, but given the past week, I just couldn’t bring myself to wax poetic about […]

Two-Bite Chocolate Eclairs

Choux pastry is, obviously, French. It might seem incongruous for a season of British baking, but in my family, eclairs might actually be more synonymous with England than they are with anything across the Channel. First there are the eclairs of my mother’s childhood, from the Savoy Bakery in Chittagong, named for that bastion of […]

The “I’m A Successful Grown Up” Chocolate Truffle

Here is a beginner’s guide to throwing a successful dinner party and feeling more like an adult than you ever have since you turned eighteen. Step one: invite a maximum of five people, all of whom you like and all of whom know at least one person at the party who’s not you. Step two: […]

Rhubarb and Custard Tart

In my four years in London, I consumed exactly zero custard tarts. There were Bakewell tarts and natas and treacle tarts and Bea’s of Bloomsbury’s Townies — that’s brownie batter baked in a tart shell, for all the times when you’ve looked at a brownie and said, “This dessert needs a coat” — but never […]

Not-British Apple Cheddar Pie

In high school, my go to recipe for stress baking was an apple-Gruyere pie inspired by the short-lived TV show Pushing Daisies. It was delicious and just technical enough to make me feel clever, so it was with great confidence that I turned to this pie for my first Eid in London. In the end, […]

A Minor Dessert Disaster

As I closed the oven door on the pie I’d been planning for this week’s recipe, I had a strange premonition that things in the dessert realm were about to go very, very wrong. Maybe it was the foreboding way that stray crumbs had immediately begun to float to the surface when I poured in […]

Dutch Baby Pancake with Cinnamon and Vanilla

I come from a family of breakfast fiends. We take our eggs very seriously, we consider buttered toast its own food group, and we are each so entrenched in our opinions on what the best fruit preserve is that it might as well be a political cause. Breakfasts when I was little ranged from chili fried eggs […]